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What is a Sharing Economy?

A Sharing economy is a socio-economic ecosystem built around sharing human and physical resources for the good of all!

In 2016, homeownership was at its lowest in 50 years (63.4%); however, in urban markets it took a much bigger hit.  Today, those looking to purchase a home have a harder time due to tighter mortgage-lending requirements; unfortunately, this adds to the trouble for urban would-be home-buyers including buyers across the global market.

Despite the many challenges in urban communities; many families that live and work there deserve to have a stake in real estate ownership. They are gainfully employed with stable employment for many years; yet, traditional banking methods prevent these hard-working Americans from pursuing the “American Dream” - real estate ownership.

We want to help the millions of Americans suffering with poor credit and the inability to come up with a twenty percent (20%) down payment.

Despite a wide variety of federal, state and local programs designed to enable homeownership, a very large number of American families are automatically closed out of the home ownership market; likewise, NCF II want to include them using our unique loan products to make real estate ownership possible.

Real estate ownership is one of the most important components of wealth building because it provides the simplest and safest way to create wealth. Besides that, it is the only asset that depreciates and appreciates at the same time while offering ways to reduce tax obligations and build equity as a wealth building component - for most people their home becomes their biggest wealth building asset.

Through its blockchain platform, NCF II is building the next generation global asset-based lending structure based on smart contracts. We believe blockchain has the potential to help accelerate the adoption of the “Sharing Economy” which has already begun to unleash market disruption by opening significant amounts of previously untapped private capital through tokenization.

Our proprietary ecosystem will completely change asset acquisition and ownership titling as we know it; that is why, we are using the token crowdsales mechanism to pre-sell our project and finance the development opposed to traditional venture capital.

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