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Homeowner Refinance & Renovation Program

Need Repairs but Lack Funds? Refinance With DREAM.


Is your home in need of major repairs but you lack the financing to fix issues? DREAM's Refinance Renovation product can help.


By refinancing your existing mortgage with DREAM, you can access funds to finally tackle those overdue renovations through a cash-out loan.


Refi benefits:


  • Competitive rates and terms.

  • Cash out for renovations.

  • Fixed payments and predictable budget.

  • Potentially eliminate PMI or high-rate loans.


Funds can be used for repairs like:


  • Roof, siding, window replacement.

  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC upgrades.

  • Kitchen or bathroom remodels.

  • handicap accessibility.

  • Structural/foundation issues.


Let DREAM's renovation financing turn your house back into your dream home! Our expertise streamlines the entire process.


Contact us today to explore your refi and rehab options.

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