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HOT-PHA (Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher)

DREAM is proud to introduce an exciting new pathway to homeownership for families receiving Section 8 or Housing Choice Vouchers. It's called the Homeownership Through Public Housing Assistance (HOT-PHA) program.


HOT-PHA allows voucher recipients to use their assistance to pay their mortgage rather than rent. By combining the voucher with DREAM's below-market mortgage products, buyers can own their home free and clear in as little as 15-20 years.


This groundbreaking initiative incurs no additional costs for housing authorities. The existing voucher payment simply goes toward the mortgage instead of to a landlord.


HOT-PHA enables families to build wealth through homeownership and break free from long-term rental assistance. The program provides a hand-up through an affordable, short-term mortgage specially designed by DREAM.


We handle all the financing and paperwork to make the process seamless. This empowers voucher recipients across the country to own their homes and open the door to financial security.


HOT-PHA represents an innovative evolution of public housing policy. We encourage all housing authorities to partner with DREAM and make this program available to the families you serve. Let's help them invest in a brighter, sustainable future.

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