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Top 10 Influential Women Leaders Within the Crypto Industry

Since the emergence of this industry and the commencement of its prevailing impact, a number of women have been playing key roles in developing its global influence. These women have been substantial contributors to the expansion of the field and explicitly demonstrate the fact that as the crypto field grows over time, women are needed to maintain the sustainable outcomes that will leave promising externalities on society.

We continue our celebration of International Women’s Day by showcasing 10 women who exemplify the true appreciable roles they have been playing into further progressing the scope of the blockchain sector.

Kathleen Breitman @breitwoman

Breitman is currently a Co-Founder of Tezos, an open-source decentralized blockchain platform that operates under a self-upgrading and governance model for smart contracts. This means that various stakeholders vote on alterations to the specific protocol, which contributes to an overall social consensus on the particular proposals. This powerful company has raised $232 million up to date.

Catheryne Nicholson @CatheryneN

Mimblewimble and Grin proponent, Nicholson is the CEO and Co-Founder of BlockCypher, an industry-leading blockchain and web services company. BlockCypher allows corporations to build blockchain applications in a facilitated manner. An engineer and entrepreneur, Nicholson is a rich background in product marketing as well as software product management.

Arianna Simpson @AriannaSimpson

Managing partner at Autonomous Partners, a cryptocurrency venture capital fund. Before the fund establishment, Simpson worked at BitGo, a BitCoin security platform that provides a multi-user BitCoin wallet, overall providing clients with financial services and security solutions.

Elizabeth Stark @starkness 

CEO of Lightning Labs, which provides a more scalable blockchain to make any transaction cheap and quick. This decentralized protocol streamlines the number of nodes involved in individual transactions. As a result, individual transactions are performed at a quicker pace.

Katherine Wu @katherineykwu 

Manager of Business Development and Community Management for Messari, which is a NYC-based crypto startup. Messari promotes transparency and smarter decision-making in the crypto ecosystem through data gathering into an organized and structured database.

Neha Narula @neha 

Director of the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. MIT Media Lab has launched the MIT Digital Currency Initiative, the goal of which is to bring together highly qualified individuals to conduct the proper research in order to uphold the development of digital currency and blockchain technology. Formerly a software engineer at Google, Narula has completed her PhD in computer science at MIT and has constructed various scalable databases and secure software systems.

Elaine Shi @ElaineRShi 

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Thunder Token, a blockchain protocol that performs high throughput and confirms transactions in seconds. Elaine has published the first peer-reviewed papers specifically on the BitCoin and decentralized smart contracts. Elaine is currently a professor at Cornell University.

Mona El Isa @Mona_El_Isa

Founder of Melonport, a Melon (blockchain) protocol for digital asset management software that is constructed on the Ethereum platform. El Isa has been distinguished for winning the “Hottest Blockchain/Crypto Startup Founder” at the Europas, which awards the newest, innovative European startups.

Maja Vujinovic

CEO of OGroup, an influential company predominantly focusing on the merge between open protocols and legacy systems. Maja has formerly taken on the role of Chief Innovation Officer of Emerging Tech & Future of Work at GE Digital and has taken roles relating to digital business transformation and overall driving innovation.

Sandra Ro @srolondon

CEO of Global Blockchain Business Council, a top blockchain technology trade association, merging global innovative organizations and business leaders and global regulators to enhance the understanding of blockchain. Sandra has formerly engaged in executing the digital assets and blockchain technology initiatives as the Executive Director of Digitization at CME Group

Source:  Khalili, M.  (2018).   Top 10 Influential Women Leaders Within the Crypto Industry.  Medium.

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