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Cryptocurrency Needs More Women

With the celebration of International Women’s Day this month - #BalanceforBetter, we want to take a minute to highlight two things; the importance of women in cryptocurrency and how they are currently making a difference in the industry.

Cryptocurrency offers great potential for the future; however, without women, this field may struggle. According to, the level of community engagement is extremely low; for instance, Bitcoin is 91.22% men, and only 8.78% women.  Obviously more women are needed in the cryptocurrency space; after all, they possess unique skills the industry must have.

Three vital reasons the crypto industry needs more women.


First, because communication is vital to keeping companies afloat, cryptocurrency needs the communication skills women bring.  Women often excel in communication; with strengths in reading, body language, listening and displaying empathy.  More importantly, women have the edge in collaborative environments where listening skills, inclusive body language and empathy are more highly valued.  Women are also great deal closers; businesses need people on their team to effectively relay messages and concepts to investors, team members and the public.  Let’s not forget, given their natural ability to present crypto information in a way the public can connect with and understand, women can bring clarity to the industry.


Second, crypto can benefit from women’s social media talent; for the most part, women are known for using communication and community to make an impact, especially on social media.

In Bridget Brennan’s article “When it comes to marketing, women are the original social network”, she highlights how common it is for women to discuss online products and services they purchase. The author also states that emotions inspire actions that impact industries; in other words, because women are effective at driving discussion and emotions, they have an innate natural focus on connection and relationships that automatically grow communities and industries.


Finally, without women, there is no balance!  Like anything, balance is often the best approach, and the concept covers the importance of creating a male/female ratio in cryptocurrency that's as close as possible to 50/50.  Bringing more women into crypto will balance the gender ratio needed to give the industry the best of both worlds: the talents of men and women, alike and equal.

Source:  Austin, S.  (2018).  5 Big Reasons Why Crypto Needs You -- If You're a Woman, That Is.  Entrepreneur Magazine.

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