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Crypto Hits Hollywood

Kevin Connolly from the TV show Entourage announced at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami that he is working on another show.  Like Entourage, this show  follows a small group of friends as they navigate a cutthroat movie industry by launching a token and decentralized film studio in order to finance movies.

“This comedic drama follows five young filmmakers as they discover how blockchain technology can be used to help finance their film and TV projects outside of the traditional network system.

 The overall goal of the show is “to bring the cryptocurrency movement into mainstream consciousness, educate, and build trust in the marketplace for the technology and its continued growth.”

Currently in production to shoot 10 episodes, Connolly is hoping it is picked up by Netflix, Amazon Prime or another content-hungry platform.

The Cryptos will not be the first attempt at televising the cryptocurrency space; last April, director Sam Lucas Smith announced he was working on a series of short comedies and sketches on current trends and technology, to which he published a pilot episode titled “Buy the Dip”.

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