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Standing in Solidarity

A$$ETcoin stands in solidarity with African American communities across America. 


We firmly believe that racism, hatred, and inequality have no place in our world - every human being has the right to feel safe, seen, and heard.

We also understand that over the decades, systematic and systemic racism has become embedded; as such, cannot be wished away.  If we truly want to create a better world, we have to take action to create it and that is exactly what A$$ETcoin aims to do in its mission to create a more inclusive financial world. 

We mourn the senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all of the seen and unseen victims of racial injustice across the country and around the world. 


Let us be clear – at A$$ETcoin we firmly believe that Black Lives Matter; as such, proudly stands with all those taking peaceful action to seek change, justice, and equity.

Throughout history, we’ve seen that when adversity is addressed with intention and urgency, real progress often follows.  As a nation, we must come together and seize this moment to create a more fair and inclusive world for both current and future generations.

A$$ETcoin, LLC

Board of Directors

A$$ETcoin is committed to creating financial inclusion for black America, here is our Public Service Announcement to every black millionaire.

We are living in very difficult times and there are many unknowns; what we do know is that A$$ETcoin remains committed to providing a new financial legacy gateway to financial freedom.  More importantly, we are committed to; building the next generation global asset-based lending structure to accelerate a new sharing economy to help those left out of traditional banking opportunities pursue a better quality of life in an equality-based environment.

We are truly in this together!

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