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What is a
Security Token?

What is a Security Token?

A security token is simply a tokenized share of an asset – typically a share of a business, but also often used for real estate and other alternative asset classes.

Is A$$ETcoin Crypto or a Security Token?

Is A$$ETcoin Crypto or a Security Token?

YES!  A$$ETcoin is a security token, not a utility token. Rather than conferring a tangible benefit on the investor, a security token typically represents a share in the company that issued it. For this reason, security tokens are sometimes called equity tokens and are often compared to the way in which buying shares on the traditional stock market confers partial ownership of a company.

Who is Assetcoin Capital Fund

Who is Assetcoin Capital Fund?

Assetcoin Capital Fund, (Assetcoin) is an innovative mortgage financing and lending institution centered around an ecosystem that transacts cutting-edge asset-based lending across a Blockchain platform. 

Where did  Security Tokens come from?

Where did Security Tokens come from?

Derived from the founder(s) of cryptocurrency, the first security token surfaced in 2018 when St. Regis Aspen Resort in Colorado carried out the first Security Token Offering (STO). The real estate company raises 18 million dollars with the issuance of tokens. Each token equals a share in the St. Regis Aspen Resort.

Is A$$ETcoin like Bitcoin?

Is A$$ETcoin like Bitcoin?

NO!  unlike non-collateralized coins on the market, A$$ETcoin is a "equity token" backed by real estate, cash, and monthly cash flow; in other words, A$$ETcoin represent actual share ownership in the company with rights to share in profits.  Besides that, A$$ETcoin distributes 20% of net profit from its ecosystem to its token holder.

What Is Assetcoin's  Guiding Principles?

What is Assetcoin's Guiding Principles?

Assetcoin Capital Fund affirms and believes “Credit is a Human Right”; therefore, all humanity has the right to pursue a better quality of life in an equality-based ecosystem designed to bring financial freedom.

What is Assetcoin's Ecosystem?

What is Assetcoin's Ecosystem?

Assetcoin supports an equality-based economic system (ecosystem) that delivers basic elements; such as, universal access to food, shelter, clothing, health and credit.  We affirm and support the right to pursue a better-quality of life through financial freedom in an environment built on equality.

Can I really get a home with No Credit?

Can I really get a Home with No Credit?

We believe there is something fundamentally wrong with a credit market that leaves out more than half the population of the world because they are considered not credit worthy.  Assetcoin does not use credit score or pay history to underwrite loans!

Is Assetcoin a Bank or Mortgage Company?

Is Assetcoin a Bank or Mortgage Company?Assetcoin is an innovative mortgage financing and lending institution centered around an ecosystem of companies designed to support cutting-edge asset-based lending across a Blockchain platform.

What is  a Sharing Economy?

What is a Sharing Economy?

Sharing economy is a socio-economic ecosystem built around sharing human and physical resources for the good of all.

What Type of Technology does Assetcoin  Use?

What Type of Technology does Assetcoin Use?

Assetcoin uses ERC1400 Ethereum blockchain platform that identifies and executes large, complicated transactions with speed and certainty.

What is the Name of Assetcoin's Loan Program?

What is the Name of Assetcoin's Loan Product?

Assetcoin's Alternative Collateralized Loan Obligation (ACLO) program is a self-dissolving platform that simultaneity reduces asset acquisition risk and cost while providing wealth building life tools.  It is investment grade collateralized with assets, cash, and cash flow with principal, interest, taxes and insurance 100% protected throughout the life of the loan.  ACLO has a built-in investment hedge with an attractive yield designed to provide the highest possible leverage at the lowest blended costs.

What is

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is essentially a distributed ledger that provides transparency, security and immutability for all permissioned participants on the network, giving them real time access to all data and transactions.  By design, blockchains are secure and exemplify a distributed computing system with high byzantine fault tolerance and ability to achieve decentralization.

What are Alternative Financing Centers?

What are Alternative Financial Centers?

Assetcoin provides Alternative Financial Centers (AFC) at various locations throughout the U.S., all locations serve as a place to educate potential borrowers, investors and close loan applications. The community can come into one of our AFC locations to get information about our loans, purchasing CCT, or cryptocurrency industry updates.

What are some Key Features of Security Tokens?

What are some Key Features of Security Tokens?


The property rights of investors are stored on the blockchain through smart contracts, these cannot be changed retroactively.


Security tokens support fractional ownership, an investor can own a fraction of a security token, which increases accessibility.


A security token have an underlying value, such as shares, real estate, or commodities, this leads to less speculation and therefore less volatility; in other words, they are stable.


STOs exist through innovations such as smart contracts and blockchain, they attract innovation investors and initiate new developments, such as apps for the STO market.

Why Should I Invest?

Why Should I Invest?

The eye-popping returns generated by security tokens eclipse returns of other investment classes; such as stocks or real estate. The global listed trading volume of security tokens is expected to grow to $162.7 trillion by 2030, with a total security token issuance worth more than $4 trillion in the same period. This comes as leading analysts tip security tokens as the shining crypto asset class of the coming decade.

Why doesn't Assetcoin use Credit Scores?

Why Doesn't Assetcoin use Credit Scores?

In 2015, Congress declared credit scoring to be a monopoly controlled by just one organization, the FICO credit scoring system leaves over 26 million Americans “credit invisible” or not credit worthy; along with, an additional 19 million not being worthy due to having no credit score.

Why is Assetcoin Disrupting the Market?

Why is Assetcoin Disrupting the Market?

Disrupting the system automatically empowers the trillion-dollar global asset-based credit market making it more democratized and decentralized; as well as, more transparent and safer for investors acquiring and transferring assets.

What Loan Products does Assetcoin Offer?

What Loan Products does Assetcoin Offer?

Assetcoin offers both residential and commercial loan products backed by Blockchain technology that helps make asset-based lending fast and seamless.

What are Smart Contracts

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts will help us exchange money, property, tokens, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman. Smart Contracts are key components of our Blockchain Platform; for one, they hard code agreements into digital protocols that self-execute and enforce terms and conditions, without external interference

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