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What Is A Multiversity


Defined by the Meriam Webster's dictionary, a multiversity is a very large university with many component schools, colleges, or divisions and widely diverse functions.



Assetcoin Multiversity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and education platform built on an infinite foundational school of thought and divisions with widely diverse functions.

  1. Church

  2. Government

  3. Business

  4. Clinic

  5. Home

  6. School


Our core education features two projects:

  • Project C.H.A.N.G.E. (Creating Healthy Alternatives through Nonviolent Guidance and Education),

  • Project C.A.R.E (Community Assets & Resource Ecosystem), is a curriculum offering a vast amount of financial and investment education dedicated to helping black and brown communities build generational wealth. 


Assetcoin Multiversity was organized to educate black and brown people in urban America about the need to become economically independent and institutionally sovereign and the need to create generational wealth. Our education platform addresses the fundamental building blocks necessary for a people and community to survive and thrive. We believe that the lack of vision, knowledge, and the lack of asset acquisition, coupled with the lack of capital infusion has created unsatisfactory conditions in black or urban America.


We agree with a report commissioned by Citigroup on September 22, 2020. Black and brown lives do matter. Citigroup Investment Bank and Financial Services reported that an estimated $16 trillion is lost in GDP due to racial inequality in the United States. “Racial inequality has always had an outsized cost, one that was thought to be paid only by underrepresented groups,” said Raymond J. McGuire, Vice Chairman of Citigroup and Chairman of Banking, Capital Markets, and Advisory. “What this report underscores is that this tariff is levied on us all, and particularly in the U.S., that cost has a real and tangible impact on our country’s economic output. Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to confront this longstanding societal ill that has plagued Black and brown people in this country for centuries, tally up the economic loss, and as a society, commit to bringing greater equity and prosperity to all.


At Assetcoin we see ourselves as a catalyst for change and a bridge and vehicle to the future. We believe that homeownership, asset acquisition, capital infusion, community renewal, and job development in urban America are necessary components to create economic independence and institutional sovereignty, and generational wealth for black and brown families, which ultimately benefits the GDP and the communities in which we live and work.


We wholeheartedly believe that the form of education we will offer creates greater understanding which will lead to actionable steps and measurable change in the urban family structure. Assetcoin Multiversity is committed to sharing its vision and knowledge with all.



Rev. Duane A. Quamina,

President & CEO

Assetcoin Multiversity, Inc.

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