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I HAVE A DREAM HOME Offering is Insured by the TigerMark
Insurance Policy.
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You Can Wish it Happen!
or You Can Make it Happen! 


Mortgage-Ready Homebuyers are going Underserved in America

Our company provides customers with the ability to borrow capital for asset acquisition in a more friendly and social-sensitive financial environment. 

“Our basic philosophy is that all humans should have fair access to capital and financial resources.”


By using our new innovative platform and proprietary lending software cost, we can help underserved communities across America.  Providing new opportunities for homeownership, business ownership, and asset acquisition to help lift more people and communities into middle-class status.

"China has the equivalent of two-thirds of our country in college, (that’s 200 million children) and everybody knows the capital will eventually follow the developing intellectual capital at a much faster rate.   


So, what are we saying?  We are saying the exact same thing Martin Luther King taught us over 50 years ago, and this is what we must come to grips with. 


White America is no longer enough to compete globally, and White America has 99% of the wealth in America.  So white America has the most to lose as we sink globally and every day, we’re sinking, and White America is losing the most.


Now for White America to survive they must make sure every American is fully engaged.  And every American has access to real education, and every American has access to capital and bringing their A game so we can compete globally to maintain our position and wealth".


"It’s a matter of survival!  This isn’t a Black Problem; this isn’t a White Problem

This is an American Problem!”  


– Byron Allen

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I Have A Dream Home Community

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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